CSR Activity & Ethic Regulations

CSR Activity

The company bad set up CSR group in 2010,taking charge of production security,7S1E implementation, occupational health ,etc .,which bad been followed until now. Checks covered the entire company will be carried out for two times per month. Inspection tour and point inspection will be performed within small scope at ordinary times. The group would put forward correction proposal on problems and supervise and urge corresponding departments to rectify and reform. It would submit a CSR report to general manager monthly to detail the process of significant events and put forward countermeasures and suggestions. It takes charge of issuing 3-level Document of Safe Production Responsibility regularly and submits it to parent company, general manager and staff to identify responsibility, and prevent and reduce until put an end to the happening of casualty accident and harms of occupational diseases via entire personnel and overall process management.

Emergency Pre-warning System

There are corresponding emergency committees set up in factory district abided by regulations prescribed in company Emergency Preparedness and Corresponding Procedure and Fire Emergency Response in case of any emergency such as fire, natural disaster, environment event etc and the committees would perform fire drills regularly and educate staff about safety, determine countermeasure principal, who can make response to various big or small matters appropriately.

Make Risk Control

Being the subordinate company of China Electronics Technology Group, ECRISS-TAMURA owns nearly one hundred production and operation bases at home and abroad; meanwhile, as the main manufacture company of TAMURA Group, the company keeps close connection with more than 40 operational entities of TAMURA all over the world. The drawings of main products manufactured by our company would be regularly classified and kept in the archive systems of the two parent companies so as to guarantee the using of manufacture resources and archived drawings of other companies in the Group to supply continuous service to our clients in case the local company encounters major risks; the company’s major works are processing and manufacturing industries, in which risks of personnel and property losses caused by machine production, materials handlings, gods storage etc often happen. The company has not only paid social insurance for every staff, but also purchased a series of commercial insurances for them so as to make up the insufficiency of social insurance, and the company can realize overall control over risks during the process of production, storage and transportation, etc.

Information Safety

The enterprise also guarantees the safeguard and management of enterprises and personal information as well as disclosing information properly and timely. The company had prepared Management System of Security and Confidentiality of Computer Information to carry out management over risks relating to information. The company has set up informatization security group and made special-assigned information staff take charge of management of information security. The company not only adopts technical safety precautions aiming at countermeasures of internet security, data access monitoring, restricted use of external memory storage media equipments, etc, but also separates the company’s internal network from external network strictly and strengthens physical security management.

Internal Communication and Audit

The company’s internal audit group is composed of financial staff and legal personnel, which will perform at least one internal audit within the entire company per quarter ,issue audit report to all departments, put forward relevant departments to rectify and inspect the rectified and reformed results. In addition, the group would coordinate with parent companies, companies in the Group, clients and certified public accountants, etc external audit to strive to build the mechanism that finding problems via self-censorship and external audit. Furthermore, the group opened up the company’s internal network opinion zone so as to receive internal communication and informing, welcome information that help find internal risks timely.