Industrial automation

Industrial automation is a general term for achieve measurement, control and other information processing and process control according to the expected target, in the case of machine equipment or production process without human direct intervention. Automation is the method and technology to explore and study the automation process. It is a comprehensive technology in the field of mechanical, microelectronics, computer, and machine vision and so on. The industrial revolution was the midwife of automation. Because of the need of the industrial revolution, the automation technology broke through the egg shell and got a boom development.

  • Adopt international advanced standardization design concept. Select the leading imported raw materials. Such as iron silicon aluminum core, iron powder core, 0.1 silicon steel sheet, Japan Super e high silicon steel sheet
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  • With the international advanced technology team, equipped with independent r&d and production equipment, integrates the elements of Power distribution, protection, control and monitoring. Intelligent and flexible configuration solutions can meet the special customization requirements of the professional direction.

Power transmission and distribution

Traditionally, power system is divided into three major components: power generation, transmission and distribution. Generally, the system from the voltage drop distribution substation (high voltage distribution substations) to the customers is called the power distribution system. The power distribution system is a power network system of transform the voltage and distribute the power to the user directly which is composed of a variety of power distribution equipment (or components) and power distribution facilities.
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Reactive power compensation

Reactive power compensation is called reactive compensation shortly. The effect in the power supply system is improving the power factor, reducing the loss of power supply transformers and transmission lines, improving the power supply efficiency and the power supply environment. Therefore, reactive power compensation device has a very important position in power supply system.
  • Hefei Ecriee-Tamura Electric Co., Ltd use the highest level material with rigorous production process, superior protection, Environmental technology leads in the world advanced levels.
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Variable-frequency Drive

Variable-frequency Drive, is a power control equipment which based on the frequency conversion technology and microelectronics, through change the frequency of the electric machine power supply to control the alternating-current motor. Variable-frequency Drive is composed by the rectifier (alternating current), filter, inverter (dc change ac), brake unit, drive unit, unit of detection unit micro processing unit.
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