Intelligent power distribution

Intelligent power distribution is a set of power management system suitable for low voltage power distribution system with high professional, high automation, easy to use, high performance, high reliability and so on, with strong professional, high degree of automation, easy to use, high performance, high reliability and so on the characteristic according to user requirements, follow the standard specification of distribution system and the secondary development. Through telemetry and remote control, the load can be adjusted reasonably, the optimized operation can be realized, and the energy saving can be effectively saved. The electricity record of the peak and the low point can be recorded, thus providing the necessary conditions for energy management.

  • The joint technology center develops a series of intelligent electromechanical distribution cabinets, a series of efficient products. We will focus on the development trend of advanced technologies, new business models and technologies for smart grid, and research on solutions of smart grid.
  • Ecriee-electric has continuously strengthened scientific research cooperation in the research institutes, constantly explore the development and future of intelligent power distribution.
  • Ecriee-electric will be able to provide intelligent distribution solutions in the future, and its products cover the whole energy conversion chain.

Power control

The unique electric power management system of Ecriee-electric is fully compatible with customers' needs,follow the standard specification of distribution system, professional, high degree of automation, easy to use, high performance, high reliability. Through telemetry and remote control can be reasonably deployed and loaded. realize optimal operation, save energy effectively and provide necessary conditions for power management.
  • 10KV high voltage distribution cabinet is widely used in domestic power plants, and is exported to asean countries.
  • Electric power monitoring is carried out based on the high performance pure digital floating-point DSP developed independently by China electric co., LTD.
  • Using ZigBEE remote wireless monitoring network parameters, effective control of all parts of power transmission.

The power quality

The power quality, in terms of strictly speaking, the main indicators of power quality are voltage, frequency and waveform. In the general sense it's a good power supply, including voltage quality, current quality, power supply quality and electricity quality. The power quality problem can be defined as: the voltage that causes the electrical equipment to malfunction or fails to work properly; current or frequency deviation, its contents include frequency deviation, voltage fluctuation and flicker, voltage deviation, three-phase unbalance, instantaneous or transient overvoltage, waveform distortion (harmonic), voltage sag, temporary interruption, and power supply continuity.