Customer Relation & Economy Develpment

Customer Relation & Economy Develpment

Business in China

We are rooted in China. As an excellent partner of TAMURA in China, ECT benefits from the rapid development of Chinese economy. The local government and institutions provide a good business environment, and domestic customers provide many opportunities to ECT. In the future, we will still be rooted in China, more services to domestic and foreign customers.

Support by Ecriee and Tamura

CETC 38 is a Chinese high-tech research institute with development and production of military &civilian series radar and communications products, which has a listed company and a number of investment companies.TAMURA Corporation is a famous transformer manufacturers in Japan, with a broad international market, and many branches in the world. As the investors of ECT, they provide strong support from technics, marketing and quality control.

Customer Relation

We are striving to enhance customer satisfaction by supplying top quality products based on our proprietary technology and making efforts to enhance customer satisfaction.

RoHS and REACH Regulation

ECT has acted early on regarding SVHC specified under the REACH regulation in Europe, adopting regulatory criteria with its Green Procurement Standards in 2008. We have certified by a number of customers as a company with excellent management of substance with environment impact.

Insist on Quality Assurance

We continue to work toward quality implement.. Quality control tests are implemented for each section and each employee to improve the qualification of the employees. Further more, the company’s improvement proposal and ideas suggestion system encourages employees to voluntary implement ideas in their work environment, which can help prevent errors and losses.

Links with Customers

Our job dose not end with the delivery of the products. ECT has forged longstanding relationships of trust with our customers through customer-based product development and after-sales service. As we expands to the global market, we position production and sales close to customer facilities as part of a business framework that allow quick response to the customer needs.

Customer Quality

We challenge high quality based on low cost. Quality start from design. We design customized products, but we pursue to apply standardized parts in our magnetics to achieve stable quality. We encourage our design engineers, application engineers and sales engineers to communicated with our customers seriously the cost to get the true needs, to improve the quality and lower the cost.