Environmental Management

环境管理Environmental Management

ECT has always been responsible to protect environment with high responsibility for human and society and considered environmental protection as basic management. ECT was established 12 years ago, during these years, the work of environmental protection has been at the forefront of the industry and become the model of brother’s enterprises. The company actively carries out the work of environmental protection, improve the plant environment improvement, and continuously improves the efficiency of energy use, reduce waste and improve waste recycling rate, which is practicing the scientific outlook in development, and promoting social sustainable development.

The company abide by the law, formulate strict laws and regulations of the internal control standards and strict enforcement of environmental protection, the environmental investment proportion of new and extended project shall be no less than 5% to ensure a lot of money for environmental technology and equipment technical reformation and daily maintenance annually. Since the company put into production, no environmental law violation happens and the environment, energy consumption indicators continued to improve. ECT actively carried out the cooperation with same business company, which enhance the company’s ability to protect environment, but also ECT’s advanced energy saving, environmental protection technology and management experience promote other enterprise, and drove the progress of whole industry.

Environmental Policy

We promise taking the duties of protecting environment and carrying out the following environment protection principles in our business:

1.Complying with the environment laws and rules and other customer’s requirement.

2.Persist in defending pollution, improving step by step; Try our best to develop the electronic products meeting environment protection rules.

Environment Targets

Reduce consumption of electric power;

Reduce consumption of paper;

Limiting to use environment pollution materials.

Our Environment Promises

Continuously carry out IS09001 and ISO4001; Restrict and finally prohibit the consumption of six hazardous substances; Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBB and PBDE.