Social Relation

Social Relation

Pin our values on products and services, we inherit and develop the human culture and civilization in business.

It is our honor to become the partner with our customers and suppliers since customers are our most important partners. We respect this hard-won partnership for strategic partners so we provide various priorities of services and support to our partners. We respect the effort that government has provided for good management environment. Keep the respect between employees and equality between the employers and workers is being advocated always. Besides, we respect our competitors and want to develop in the fair competition. Our Group firmly opposed to all kinds of unfair competition behavior.

Fashion-self、putting forward views and suggestions、trying according to their own way, keeping innovation and scientific verification are all encouraged in our company. We has our own system to help staff to overcome exhaustion and show various talent in different positions.

We run our business in accordance with local laws and regulations, and consciously construction and improvement of enterprise legal person governance structure, Our Group provides social welfare and security for employees, and builds a reasonable salary system. The system is developing to the high level that above the local average. We actively participate in environmental protection work、ROHS implementation work and REACH promoting work. Trying to improve the working environment constantly and improving all kinds of labor protection and safety measures; Our company expects and encourages employees to work hard and strengthen the body, to observe law and discipline. The employee should care for the family and aged to build a stable life. Resolutely refused to use child labor and human behavior; We care for disabled people and undertake social responsibility.

Stimulate innovation and creativity through the various measures. Encourage developing a new customer relationships、new design process、new products、innovation and disqualified products with clearly award scheme.

We strive to achieve business management that will generate profit for shareholders and investors and meet their expectations, and endeavor to disclose information in an appropriate and timely manner to ensure accurate representation of the Group’s corporate activities.

Frameworks for cooperation with business partners are vital when social and environmental effects of our business activities are taken into consideration. In addition to engagement in fair and honest business dealings, we promote CSR procurement and green procurement as a way to incorporate social and environmental considerations into supply chain management.

We endeavor to understand the needs of our customers so that we can continually supply products and services that will earn their trust and give them satisfaction in such aspects as quality and safety. We also provide products and services with high social value, for example, in terms of welfare or environmental preservation, which will contribute both to the development of our customers and to the creation of a sustainable society.

The development of each and every employee sustains the growth of the company. We strive to create workplaces that promote employee self-fulfillment, encouraging them to place value on partnership, personal growth, the courage to innovate, and individuality, as well as to make the most of their abilities.

To earn the favor and trust of the local community, we show respect for the history, customs, and culture of each country or region and undertake social contribution activities in close association with the community. We also seek to contribute to local development, attaching important to communication.

In order to respect other people and get the respect equally, our Group initiative to respect the international business practices、ethnic customs and religious habits. We devote ourselves to become an essential part of international magnetic components industry.