The Communication Routes of ECT With Interested Parts

Interested Parts Communication routes
Staff Staff union activities, morning and evening meetings, outward bound and labor skills competition, OA communication platform
Government, Investor Laws and regulations; Policy directives issued; National and provincial, Group meetings and implement the spirit of the meeting; Issued a document and implement; Regular reporting; Daily work communication; Reports, Statements; Visti
Strategic cooperation customer Satisfaction survey; User informal discussion; the exchange of high-level visits; Daily communication, not regularly visit. Attend the meeting and execute build; actively participate in business communication, learning and training
The expectation of Interested parts to ECT ECT Action Main index
Adhere to the law of business honest and trustworthy. Adhere to people-centered, scientific development, honest and law -a abiding operator; Sales revenue
continuously improve the sustained profitability; of profits tax; Technological innovation, process improvement, cost reduction; Profit; tax
Improve product quality and service level The implementation of total quality management, establish the service system, improve the service network; Customer satisfaction;
Strengthening resource conservation and environmental protection; In the pursuit of economic benefits at the same time, to stakeholders and environmentally responsible, achieve enterprise development and society, environment is harmonious and unified; Sustained cost reduction and classification collection;
Promoting independent innovation and technological progress; Strengthen the independent innovation and technology development; Province, city technology center, high - tech enterprise;
Sateguarding the rights and interests of workers; safe production; Strenthen the site 7S1E management, to participate in social insurance, labour law; CSR report, social insurance, labor law strictly;
Participate in social commonweal career; Actively create employment opportunities; Support poor children in Changfeng countr; Carry our the significant disaster donation; Employment; donation value; the number of emergency drill;
Through a close strategic cooperation and achieve win-win withECT; In the process of cooperation expand areas of cooperation and cooperation; Sales revenue; market share; brand value; the rate of return on capital;
With continuous improvement of the quality of products and services; Start the customer satisfaction survey; take early intervention to meet customer demand; Customer grant the honor
Common growth of enterprises and employees Occupation planning; Staff satisfaction, construction investment;
Improve the benefits and opportunities; Position contest, position exchange and personnel training plan Employee turnover number, rate; staff training visits, training costs;
Build long - term and stable relations of cooperation with and earn a reasonable return The implementation of sunshine procurement plan, construction the long - term stability of the supply chain, creating open and transparent procurement atmosphere The number of suppliers; procurement policy
Perform the social responsibility of the professional field in the association or organization actively and play a positive role in promoting Involves the active participation of social responsibility in environmental protection, economic development, social progress and other activities; Participation in social organizations; fee payments;
As a leading enterprise of professional magnetic components, ECT adheres to the path of sustainable development, and becomes social responsibility model. The timely release of fulfilling social responsibility related information Press release number; public opinion collection and feedback